Sandvik’s MRL product portfolio covers an extensive range of thermal processing equipment and components for semiconductors, solar cells (photovoltaics) and food pasteurization.

MRL Cyclone Horizontal Furnace System

MRL Industries Cyclone furnace system(s) are designed and manufactured for easy and safe operation. All Cyclone models incorporate the following features:

  • Heating elements mounted on slide outs for ease of removal
  • Floating frame levelling system to improve weight distribution
  • Back to back installation capable to reduce clean room space required
  • Bi-fold swing doors to minimize front space
  • Slide out drawers in the load station base for component mounting
  • Slide out source cabinet shelves to make rear tube pulls easier
  • MRL heating element technology with Aztec Helix or Aztec Black Max Heaters

100 to 300mm substrate compatible
High productivity
Low cost of ownership

Up to 150mm substrates
4-Tube furnace system
Model 640 (40″ thermal flat zone)
Model 630 (30″ thermal flat zone)

Up to 200mm substrates
3-Tube furnace system
Model 840 (40″ thermal flat zone)
Model 830 (30″ thermal flat zone)

Up to 300mm substrates
2-Tube furnace system
Model 1224 (24″ thermal flat zone)

MRL Horizontal Small Batch Furnace System

MRL Industries HT and LT series small batch horizontal furnace systems are cost effective and incorporate the features of production equipment in a small, easy to use package. Designed with small batch horizontal processing needs in mind, the HT / LT series tool sets are available in up to 300mm round substrate models. Both the 150mm and 200mm models can be stacked up to 2 high to maximize space use.

The MRL HT series is for high temperature applications up to 1300 C.

The MRL LT series is for mid to low temperature processing from 200 C to 850 C.

Both series have the capability to incorporate the MRL Axcess loading system. This unique cantilever system allows for repeatable push / pull times.

Horizontal Small Batch Furnace Systems by MRL are ideal for research & development as well as small batch production needs. All MRL HT/LT series tool sets incorporate the MRL MicroController and MRL heating element technology. The MRL MicroController can be used as a stand alone DDC or be complimented by a Supervisor / Host system for recipe and data management.

MRL Phoenix Horizontal Furnace System

MRL Phoenix Horizontal Furnance
The MRL Phoenix furnace system holds unique patented design features. Providing maximum utilisation of the thermal chamber to achieve excellent temperature uniformity and maximum throughput separates the Phoenix Furnace from the rest.

– Front access for ease of maintenance
– Integral levelling frame
– Integral element scavenger assembly
– Slide out drawers with optional lift mechanism for chamber removal
– Independent tube level cooling for process isolation

100 to 300mm substrate compatible
Excellent temperature uniformity
Ease of access for maintenance

Up to 150mm substrates
3 or 4 tube design
40″ or 48″ thermal flat zone

Up to 200mm substrates
3 or 4 tube design
40″ thermal flat zone

Up to 300mm substrates
2 tube design
24″ thermal flat zone

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