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Ellipsiz DSS (formerly known as iNETest Resources) is Keysight’s appointed Strategic Sales and Service partner since 2003 for Electronic Manufacturing and Test (EMT) equipment. We offer a full suite of automated printed circuit board test and inspection solutions for the use in the electronics manufacturing test industry in the Asia Pacific Region.

Keysight i3070 Series 5 - In-Circuit Test System
Keysight i3070, the next generation In-Circuit Test System, enables 20% more output with unparalleled test coverage and robustness, extending the performance of the world’s most proven ICT System.

  • Ease of use
  • Interactive Pin Locator
  • Test development improvements
  • AutoDebug
  • AutoOptimizer
  • Flexibility to convert from Mux to UnMux pin cards
  • Innovative features.

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Keysight i3070 Series 5i - Inline In-Circuit Test System
Keysight i3070 Series 5i inline In-Circuit Test (ICT) system is designed to bring you all the industry-leading ICT technologies into your fully automated manufacturing line with full suite of award-winning Keysight ICT Solution. The short-wire fixturing technology ensures transportability, repeatability and stability. With the innovative design, you can ensure easy maintenance and fixture change.

i3070 Series 5iFeatures

  • Short-wire fixturing technology ensures transportability, repeatability and stability
  • Innovative design ensures easy maintenance and fixture change
  • Compact chassis, saves 33% of floor space over conventional 3070 systems
  • Single point of contact for your automated ICT solution
  • Comprehensive in-system suite of boundary scan tools

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Keysight i1000D Small Footprint inline ICT
The Keysight i1000D is a small and reliable iline automated in-circuit test at affordable price. Full analog tests and good digital test signal quality with latest Keysight ICT test.


  • Best-in-class price-performance
  • Award winning state-of-the-art features
  • Simplified automated software model
  • Fastest ramp up of test coverage
  • Offline and inline configuration

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Keysight i1000D In-Circuit Test System
Keysight i1000D in-circuit test system is a low-cost in-circuit test solution which now comes with digital testing capabilities while maintaining its original low-cost fixture solution.

i1000D InCircuit Test SystemFeatures

  • Powerful desktop form factor
  • Boundary scan & on-board digital test
  • Easy & flexible deployment

Keysight TS-8989 PXI Functional Test System
The Keysight TS-8989 PXI Functional Test System provides manufacturers with a cost effective, integrated PXI-based measurement, switch and load system in a box that supports up to 104 test nodes and current loads of up to 40A. Designed for mechatronic application functional tests, it is the ideal minimalistic one box solution for the industrial and automotive industries that provides ‘Best Enough Test’ while saving invaluable rack and floor space.


  • Automotive Electronic Control Unit Test
  • Immobilizers, Electronic Parking Brakes (EPB), Airbag Control Unit, Electronic Clutch Applications ECA), Body Control Module (BCM)
  • Industrial Electronics Test
  • LED Driver Modules

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X1149 Boundary Scan Analyzer
The Keysight Technologies, Inc. x1149 boundary scan analyzer is a printed circuit board tester in compliance with the IEEE 1149.1 Standard test access port (TAP) and boundary scan architecture. The Keysight x1149 offers an easy to use software interface for development, debug and production runtime.

x1149 Boundary ScanFeatures

  • Best-in-class User Interface
  • Voltage monitoring
  • Actionable pin-level failure reporting
  • In-system Programming

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