JET Wet Benches


During wafer processing, there will be impurities or water marks left by drying water droplets. These impurities will cause the next process to be defective regardless of how small the impurity might be. To avoid such defects from occurring, thorough cleaning is needed at each stage of the wafer process and total drying is absolutely necessary to ensure no presence of impurities or water mark.
Our range of cleaning and drying equipment will definetely play a crucial role in your semiconductor processes.

SSD Series 3000/2000


  • Greater Diversity of Chamber Configuration
  • Single Decker (SS Type)
  • 4 Chambers
  • 8 Chambers
  • Smaller footprint
  • Double Decker (SSD Type)
  • 8 Chambers
  • 12 Chambers
BW Series 3000/2000


  • Increased throughput Selection of High Speed LD/ULD(I-Type)(MAX≦500 wafer/h with 300mm wafers)
  • Smaller footprint
  • Reduced CoO
  • Air flow control
  • Complete standardization (Stabilized performance, Reduced Set Up time)
  • SEMI Standard
  • SECS/GEM compliant
  • EES(EDA or TDI) compliant
SC Series


  • High throughput
  • Process time Through-Put
  • Front Side 450WPH
  • Both Side 225WPH
  • Small footprint
  • Double Decker System
  • Wafer Cleaning Method
  • Brush Type
  • SN spray
Bevel Treatment LIBRA


  • Local cleaning with original chemical jet nozzle
  • No Purge N2
  • Damage free
  • No cover DIW
  • Watermark free
Dryer MMDS


  • 2 type of IPA mist generation system
  • 1.Injection system
  • IPA concentration control
  • Adjustable IPA flow rate and N2 flow rate independently
  • 2.Budding system
  • Selectable N2 gas temperature (Hot and Cool)
  • Switchable High and Low concentration
  • 2 type of IPA Mist Jet System
  • 1.Indirect Jet
  • Uniformed IPA concentration in the drying chamber
  • Decreased drying time by 250-300 sec. (including transfer time)
  • 2.Direct Jet System
  • IPA Mist Jet System from the upper part in the chamber
  • Switchable High and Low concentration
  • Continuous process in an oxygen-free condition
  • RD mode(DIW) rinse-dry
  • FRD mode DHF- (DIW) rinse-dry
  • Uniformity: Oxide Etch Uniformity
  • 30ű4%(FMMDS mode only)
  • Compatible 45nm


  • The system meets the process needs of the semiconductor industry,and many other industries
  • The module units are combined, so that it allows “Quick Delivery” and “Performance unity”.
  • There is an abundance of options which will allow the user to obtain the needed functions
  • The module size can be adjusted from its regular dimension
  • The operation is easy for operators.
VRC Series VRC310S/VRC200S

  • The system has the clean unit installed
  • The droplet measuring is accurate (within ±10%)
  • The droplet collection is efficient (90% and over)

  • The maximum amount of the droplet is 200μl (the figures depend on the liquid composition)
  • The collecting performance level is 10atons/cm2 (for 8-inch wafers), from AAS analysis (the figures depend on the liquid composition)
  • The scanning is available in any intended range by changing the mode setting
  • A retainer will be used for each wafer, to prevent cross-contamination
  • The system has CE mark
Other Equipment

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