graphene-logoEllipsiz DSS is now a distributor for one of the world’s leading graphene manufacturer, Graphitene, in the Southeast Asia region.  Graphitene manufactures a full range of carbon nanomaterial like graphene, GO, rGO, graphites, expanded graphite doped and microporous graphene. Graphitene has always been a leader or partner in R&D projects involving leading universities in Asia & Europe.

Introduction to Graphene

Graphene is one atom-thick sheet of hexagonally arranged carbon which has superior properties.
1. Strength : approximately 200 times stronger than structural steel (given enough layers);
2. Weight: Supernaturally light
3. Thermal & electrical conductivity : highest current density (a million times that of copper) at room temperature. Holds the best record for conducting heat, beating diamond to it.
4. No band gap: A good candidate for photovoltaic cells
5. Transparency: Makes it ideal for use in touchscreens.

Graphitene Technology

Why Graphitene is unique:

  • Large scale production
  • Consistent and reproducible production
  • High quality and quality control
  • Automation and computerization of manufacturing process
  • Long-terms exclusive agreements in place for graphite supply
  • In-house nanotech expertise for large-scale materials functionalization.

There are three main families:
1. Graphites

High Purity Flake Graphite

Expanded Graphite Flakes

2. nanoCarbon Platelets (nCP)


High quality few-layer graphene flakes

3. Graphene Oxides (GO)

Graphene Oxide Dispersion

Reduced Graphene Oxide

Graphene in different forms

Powders Solutions Foils


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